Thursday September 22, 2011

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Welcome to the Hindu Gateway!

We're here to serve as your spiritual resource on the Internet. Whether you're deeply committed to Hinduism or you're a complete newcomer, this Gateway will provide you with a library of essays, sacred texts, and audio and video excerpts. It'll help you understand the history, rituals, and traditions of Hinduism.

But the Hindu Gateway is about more than information. You can connect here with other like-minded people. You can exchange ideas, debate, and seek solace in times of transition. Please join us! Your electronic community is waiting for you!

Explore the riches of the Hindu tradition, including Swami Muktananda's insights on the kingdom of the human body. . .and Lizelle Reymond's account of setting up a Samkhya school in the Himalayas. . .sacred texts from the Bhagavad Gita and The Upanishads, as well as a hymn to Shiva. . . Audio and video clips of Gandhiís legacy, the Hindu gods, and a peace prayer. . .and much more. . .
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Screen audio and video segments on hindu traditionsÖon Gandhi's legacy.
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Read about Hindu Iconography. . .and a spiritual pilgrimage in the Himalayas. . .learn about where to place your heart when you practice yoga. . . And more. . .

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Learn about different Hindu teachings, rituals, and holidays.

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Join our communities for women, men, teens, and families. . .Talk about current issues, including the current conflicts in India and Sri Lanka. . . A wife and husbandís duties in a Hindu marriage. . . And the concept of Moksha. . .Or take part in our discussions on Spiritual Counseling, Love, Prayer and Mourning, and Today's Issues… You can also read a wide range of articles on Hinduismís role in your community.
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• Hindu Women: Can a woman have a career and still be a good Hindu wife and mother?
• Hindu Families: What are the joys and struggles associated with having an extended family network?
• Hindu Teens: Are the traditional virtues of modesty and chastity right for us today?
• Hindu Men: How do we handle desire in today's world?

• About Love: How do arranged marriages work compared to those that start with romantic attachment?
• Getting Help: What kind of wisdom have spiritual teachers been able to give us?
• Prayer and Mourning: What are the benefits of Puja, or daily worship?
• Issues of Faith: Should people of good faith be able to transcend their differences when they are on the brink of war?

Wonder which are the best spiritual sites on the web? Check out our Sites to See, with web links and reviews of selected sites. Or submit your own site or review!

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Read Renuís Faith Journal, on how her relationship with Hinduism helps her and her husband become contributing members of American society. . .read stories from other seekers . . and post your own. . .

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